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About AnGel:

The word Angel means "messenger from God" the word AnGel how have it written is my initials capitalized, and I believe that I am here to deliver Gods message, thru music.


My life has felt like a long hallway with a lot of closed doors. But as I stopped and looked at my life and saw how music always brought joy and reason to my life, I saw this as an open door that I wanted to walk through. I feel the words in the music and experiences that I went through can touch a lot of hearts and open a lot of minds. Through my music I hope that you are lifted and have an open mind to all the long hallways of lots of closed doors that come to you in your life. And through the messages in my songs, you know and feel your not the only one that has STRUGGLED.


I just want thank Roads End Studios for the opportunity, my friends and family for the support and God for the ability to be able to reach hearts and minds in ways that may seem impossible.

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